Arts and Crafts

When talking about the unique artistry of our Sri Lankan’s, mentioning about Sri Lankan arts and crafts is an absolute must.

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Traditional Masks

Silverware, coir products, pottery, lacquer ware, masks, lace, batiks, handloom and woodcarvings are the most famous local handicrafts that are made up of natural indigenous raw materials by craftsmen and women whose inexorable skills are passed by generations to generations.

Watch the nimble hands weaving baroque lace patterns in towns around and the Southwestern coast or see the pottery wheels in action at the small village of Molagoda in the central provinces, it will be proved to yourself that anyone has a great likeness towards them thus, doesn’t hesitate in buying these elegant arts and crafts. The importance about arts and crafts in Sri Lanka is that the age old traditions are still maintained and carried forward. Along with a history of more than 2500 years, Sri Lankan arts and crafts are not second to any at art or craft as its pleasing loveliness will remain for years and years with no hesitation.