Known to be the island of happenstance, Sri Lanka herself is a variety of sights, terrain and accommodation where as a result, camping has been a loving thrill experienced by many tourists.

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Camping, Up country, Sri Lanka

Camping isn’t a mere activity, but a life-time moment where one could engage with a number of options. Go on a study of flora and fauna in various types of forests, that accentuates the natural beauty of Sri Lanka or go on exploring the chirping birds or wandering, colorful butterflies. Adapt to the bygone community life of traditional Veddah Villagers on an eco estate.

As one could immerse himself in a 24hr cycle of eating, sleeping, showering and walking around within the park itself, campers become a part of the natural and wild experience. Along with the relaxation, freshing-up or having a meal, it makes you so amusing that you will feel as the nature comes towards you rather than chasing after the nature. As the red, hot sun lowers in the morning sky, along with the cool breeze, animals drag out into the open that creates a wonderful scenery ever to be witnessed. So camping is an exquisite, adventurous story that will fill up you with leisure and pleasure.