Ceylon Tea

With the memory of the word “tea” it has been a habit to mention about “Ceylon Tea” as the world’s cleanest tea is provided merely by Sri Lanka.

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Tea leaves, Sri Lanka

It wasn’t really all that long ago that Sri Lanka’s Hill Country was largely a wild and ragged sweep of jungle-clad mountains, but then along came the British and as they felt the need of nice cup of tea they chopped down the jungle and transformed the Hill Country into one enormous tea estate, eye-catching if anyone views on. Being the world’s third largest tea exporter to the world, Ceylon tea has been reputed for its significant taste and aroma.

The humidity, cool temperatures and rainfall of the country’s central highland provide a climate that favors a production of high quality tea. So it is not a surprise that Sri Lankan tea is famous across the world thus, visiting a tea estate, staying in a converted tea planter’s cottage or merely sipping a delicious cup of local tea is considered to be one of the great pleasures in travelling Sri Lanka. So, have a taste of Sri Lanka’s miraculous tea as it’s a creation that will surely wear off your stress and fatigue.