About Us


Highlighting the excellence as a Destination Management Company since the year of 2013, we, Leisure Island Holiday Tours, perform our role as a registered entity under the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

We offer tourists with eventual experiences tracking down with a variety of tourism types namely, Culture and Heritage, Scenic, ECO, Wildlife and Marine Life, Adventure, Bird Watching, Photography, River Expedition, Trekking and Hiking, Honeymoon, Ayurveda and Golf.

The experienced, professional staff, English speaking drivers/chauffeurs and tour guides fluent in English, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese languages has indeed become a pillar for the success of the company, offering a dedicated service. It’s always our anticipation to provide maximum customer satisfaction through our professional service to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a Leading Destination Management Company in Sri Lanka.

Our Team

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Holding his dignity as the Director and shareholder of the company, Nishantha is a Sri Lankan and Canadian citizen, living in Sri Lanka.
His passion and dedication towards traveling Sri Lanka and exploring new things has raised the company winning hearts of the tourists, marking the honor of tourism. He used to work in a leading IT company: Industrial and Financial Systems, as a manager before getting inspired and moving to tourism.

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Marking her prestige as a Sri Lankan and Canadian citizen, now living in Sri Lanka, Nadeeka was a high school teacher before getting enticed and shifted to the field of tourism.
She now brings her wealth of experience as the secretary of the company and offers a great contribution for the uplifting of the company.
Witnessing the cultural heritages of Sri Lanka has made her favorite in travelling.

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Being a Sri Lankan, America and Canadian citizen, now living in Sri Lanka, Nimesha plays her role as a volunteer writer in the company.
Her passion and devotion towards the art of writing has enlivened her role to a great level.
Her experiences of travelling throughout many countries and especially Sri Lanka, has uplifted the company with experience.

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Highlighting his tribute as a Sri Lankan citizen, Prabash offers a remarkable service to the company as a tour coordinator.
He is filled with an admirable talent of singing, which has brought him with an interest towards music.
He is much affectionate towards the nature making him to explore places of nature that has enhanced the company with much knowledge.