As the flourishing flavors and spices mix with the mouth-watering food, the fragrance that runs along the air, recalls our unique Sri Lankan cuisine.

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Spices, Sri Lanka

Taste the local food and a roadside dining meal full with foodstuff like, Kottu, string hoppers, hoppers, rotti, pittu and so on. The blending cuisine does remain at present but runs summoning a great history where the influence of Dutch as well as South Indians takes place.

Rice, coconut and spices become the staples while curries blended in sweltering spices gives an ayurvedic value highlighting Sri Lankan cuisine significance. Mallung, Sambol, Lumprais, Biriyani as well as Polos Pehi become Sri Lanka’s popular dishes where Kevum, Watalappam, Halape, Thalaguli and so on appear to be some of the flavorsome, loving sweetmeats exclusive to Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan aren’t merely bashful consumers, for they own to a food spicy and hot, like, lime pickle, seeni sambal, red-hot curries and so on. As you taste your mind along with the remarkable destinations in the isle, Sri Lanka, taste your tongue with a new taste for Sri Lankan cuisine is quite unique to all.