Among the traditional aspects of Sri Lanka, dancing takes a better place, as it highlights Sri Lanka’s remarkable culture.

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Kandyan Dancer

While the origin of the dances of Sri Lanka lies with the indigenous people of Sri Lanka, the Wanniyala Aetto and “Yakkas”, concept of dancing originated in fear of natural power which people regarded as the supernatural building. It was then that dance was proposed in Sri Lanka during the 4th century B.C. for the desire of expelling natural disasters, sickness and so on.

At the end of Polonnaruwa period, South Indian influence came into Sri Lanka and was adopted in Sri Lanka folk dancing and in the course of time, a form of dancing was created that varied from each other according to regional and local traditions. Three types of Sri Lankan dance can be found nowadays namely, Kandyan Dancing, Low Country Dance and the Sabaragamuwa dance. Sri Lanka is truly a perfect country for anyone to suffice his mind with ample joy and pleasure.