Encircle the Isle of Glory

Tour Day 1

Upon the warm welcome by Leisure Island Holiday Tours at Bandaranayake InternationalAirport, begin your astounding journey as you’re about to head to Chilaw and arrive around 1hr and 45mins where you’ll spend a night of all weariness vanished.

Tour Day 2

Rise and shine and have your breakfast of delight as you’ll be spending this whole day in leisure. Feel the cool breeze striking that your body as you relax on the cozy, sandy beaches in Chilaw. Spend your day at the hotel surroundings and then live in the quiet, whispering night with excitement.

Tour Day 3

Rise and shine and have your tasty breakfast at the hotel as it’s the day that you’ll proceed to Anuradhapura around 2hrs and 15mins where you’ll witness the site of mysteries and wonder, the Anuradhapura ancient sacred kingdom.

Anuradhapura, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is about 200 Km north east to Colombo. This city is very important to Buddhists as it bears the Eight Great Places of Veneration (Atamasthana) namely, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi(sacred fig) tree, said to be the southern branch of the historical Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya in India under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment, Ruwanwelisaya, renowned as an architectural wonder of 338 feet as well as a Buddhist stupa(temple) which was built in 140 B.C by the great King Dutugemunu, Thuparamaya , considered to be the first dagoba (temple) built in Sri Lanka following the introduction of Buddhism, Lovamahapaya, known as the Brazen Palace for the roof was covered with bronze tiles, that is ruined now leaving stone pillars behind, Abghayagiri Dagoba a great monastic centre and one of the most extensive ruins in the world, Jetavanaramaya, one of the tallest structures in the ancient world with height of 400 feetand also known to be the tallest structure in the world behind the Great Pyramids of Giza at the time of its completion the structure, Mirisaveti Stupa , built by King Dutugemunu after placing the Buddha relics in the scepter and the Lankarama Dagoba surrounded by rows of stone pillars giving evidence that it was encircled by some kind of a building.Anuradhapura also becomes a destination that has given birth to many more other attractions whereas Isurumuniya, Magul Uyana, Kuttam Pokuna (pond), RathnaPrasadaya, Samadhi Statue and Archaeological Museum stand in pride.

After enjoying this fascinating day, check-in to the hotel at Anuradhapura where you’ll spend a quiet night of relaxation and relish.

Tour Day 4

Wake up and make yourself cherished with a mouthwatering breakfast as you’re about to step on to wondrous, sacred destination, Mihintale. Proceed to Mihintale within 30mins where you’ll get the great opportunity to visit Mihintale and climb the enormous rock slab.

Mihintale, the cradle of Sinhalese Buddhist civilization, is a 1000 feet rock which is located 12 km east to the World heritage site of Anuradhapura. Mihintale is believed to be the place, where Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 3rd BC. According to the history, Arahath Mahindathera, the son of the Indian emperor Asoka, met King Devanampiyathissa of Sri Lanka to preach the doctrine at the Mihintale. On the full moon day of the June, Buddhists’ pilgrimage to Mihintale to commemorate this event. There are 1840 granite steps leading to the summit. Ruins of a hospital can be noticed at the foot of the mountain and a stone canoe for medical bath has been discovered along with stone inscriptions and urns. Kantacha Cetiya, Mihintale Museum, Ruins of Mihintale Monastery, Caves and Ponds imply the ancient grandeur of the Mihintale.

After spending this moment of enjoy, get ready because you’re about to step on Jaffna within 3 hrs where you’ll be checked-in to a hotel to spend the night of remarkable memories.

Tour Day 5

As you wake up, make yourself relished with a tasty breakfast, for you’re going to visit a place of wonder, the NallurKovil (Temple) where you’ll arrive there in an around a travel time of 10mins.

Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil holds fame as the best attraction of not merely Hindu devotees but also the whole island and of course the whole world, locating 2km away from the Jaffna City Centre, by the Jaffna Pedro Road. Crowned by its god sculptured, gold washed “Gopuram”, it marks a history running back to the time of King Parakramabahu 6 (1411 – 1463 AD) of Kingdom of Kotte. The divine deity is Lord Murugan, in other words, “Skanda” whereas offerings are also made to Hindu deities like Ganesh. The glorious sight of the Nallur Kovil Festival is considered as significant while one can still witness the royal monuments standing nearby to this devoted temple.Nallur Kovil is indeed a wondrous, amusing destination that proves Sri Lanka is not only a land of numerous, exquisite sites, but also a paradise home to a multiple of religions, highlighting the country’s unity.

After living a moment of amusement, take your next step to the Kantharodai Temple where you’ll arrive around 25mins.

Being a small hamlet and archaeological site of Chunnakum, Kanthadorai is yet a site embedded with a vast historical importance, dating back to 2000 years. Along with the ash-coloured stone blanketed group of about 60 dagobas, it is said that the dagobas are burials where the dead bodies of Arhats and Lord Buddha’s relics were kept safe. It is not a miracle to refer that Kanthadorai is full of historical significancewith its black and red Kantharodai pot shear with Tamil Brahmi scripts from 300 BC with Roman coins, early Pandyan coins, Chera dynasty coins from Karur, Puranas, punched marked coins from 6th-5th century BC India and cooper kohl sticks similarly used by the Egyptians, the treasures that reveal the secrets of this wondrous site whereas apart from these, a Buddha Statue and a Bodhisatta Statue has been discovered. Also renowned as Kadurugoda, it is of course a destination where one could prove the talents of Hindu Architecture. One can reach Kanthadorai after travelling about 10km beyond Manippai from Jaffna town. Beyond the stunning destinations where one gains joy and relief, one could become curious and interested in Kantharodai for it is a place of mysteries and wonder.

Stick-off your eyes from this wondrous, sacred place, because now it’s the time to visit a site that recalls Jaffna’s history, Jaffna fort where you’ll arrive within 25mins.

Situated on the south side of Jaffna, at the water’s edge of the lagoon, there views the tremendous Jaffna Fort with a marked dignity as the second largest existing fort in the isle. Had not the Portuguese built it, the Dutch expanded it and the British conquered it till 1948, one wouldn’t have been able to admire its gateways, moats and walls built in black corals, stone, brick and mortar. This fortress is also named as Fortress of Our Lady of Miracle of Jafanapatao while the fort is home to a number of buildings namely, the Governor’s Residence, Queen’s House, the Garrison Parade Ground, Police Quarters and several buildings belonging to the Portuguese era. This gigantic fortress is not a mere “eye-sticking” sight that highlights the architecture of Europeans, but also a destination that recalls the long, vast Sri Lankan history.

For it’s the end of the day, make your return to the hotel and spend that night of relaxation and pleasure.

Tour Day 6

Rise and shine in the dazzling morning and have your tummy full with a delightful breakfast. Get ready to enter to the destination home to a number of historical sites, the Delft Island in a boat.

Delft, also known asNeduntheevu, is an oval-shaped island situated in Northern Sri Lanka. The island's area is 50 km²whereas the length is 8 km and its maximum width about 6 km. This plain-like island is surrounded by shallow waters and corals while ruins of Dutch built colonial fort and ancient Buddhist temple ruins can be witnessed in the western coast. Recent discovery of two inscriptions by the Maritime Archaeology Unit of the Central Cultural Fund has increased the archaeological value of the island. Feral ponies are usual sight in the isle that abandoned in the Dutch period. Few Tamil families live in this remotest inhabited island. The island was named after the Dutch city of Delft by Rijckloff van Goens.

After living a moment with this remarkable destination, make your return to the hotel to spend a night with ample memories that will recall your journey.

Tour Day 7

Wake up for an exciting morning and have your yummy breakfast as today you’ll be heading to Trincomalee around 4hrs whereas you’ll receive the chance to visit the hot water wells in Kinniya.

Kinniya Hot Water Springs is a famous hot water well in Sri Lanka, comprising of 7 water wells of temperatures varying from each other. The history of this runs back off to the Ravana era, where it is said that King Ravana stuck the earth with his sword in several spots and several hot fountains sprang from there. It is said that there was a Buddhist Temple Complexin this site and the entrance is a part of a Buddhist monastery. The blazing waters are said to be with powers of curative healing as well as it can cure many ailments. Now this site has been a must visit destination for anyone who step up on Trincomalee and a matter of fact, it is not a miracle to say that they’ll put on some buckets of warm spring water. Kinniya Hot Water Springs is indeed a destination where Sri Lankan wondrous moments get highlighted.

As you proceed to Trincomalee check-in to the hotel where you’ll have your dinner and spend a loving night away from tiredness.

Tour Day 8

Wake up for a day of curious and strengthen up your body with a delicious breakfast as today will be the day that you’ll be visiting the Pigeon Island as well as snorkeling, a thrilling activity that you’ll surely engage in.

Floating on the Indian Ocean as a portion of land, along with its pearly-white sands and rainbow-painted coral reefs, Pigeon Island is a home to the rock pigeons living freely. Being one of the two marine national parks in Sri Lanka, this isle was declared as a national park as well as a sanctuary. Its shallow under waters are really cool, for it’s a heaven of coral reefs, and reef fish that make snorkelers and divers drag in there. It derived its name because of the Blue Rock Pigeon that has conquered the island whereas it comprises of 2 islands, one smaller and the other one bigger. Situated 1km off the coast of Nilaveli, it covers an area of 471.429 hectares. If anyone wants to feel a moment of relief and joy, it is sure that he will choose Pigeon Island, the blessed island in Sri Lanka.

After having a moment of thrill and curiosity, make your return to the hotel where you’ll spend a time in leisure on the sunbathed beaches in Trincomalee. Then have your dinner and spend the night with rest and zest.

Tour Day 9

As you have gone up with a long journey of excitement, now it’s time to spend the whole day in leisure at the hotel and of course on the golden pristine beaches of Trincomalee. As the end of the day comes, have your dinner and spend the night of rest and zest.

Tour Day 10

Wake up for and have your tasty breakfast and spend a time in leisure along the cozy, sandy beaches. Then get ready to proceed to Polonnaruwa within 2hrs and 30mins, where you’ll be checked-in to the hotel in Polonnaruwa and spend some time of leisure.Afterwards have a dinner and spend a night, where your weariness and tiredness will vanish like dust.

Tour Day 11

Rise and shine and fuel up your body for today is the day that you’ll be visiting Polonnaruwa Archeological sites, perhaps an ancient ruined kingdom.

Polonnaruwa is the second most ancient city of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms while it has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. The cityis full of well preserved relics and tanks, testifying the ancient glory; such as ParakramaSamudraya (Tank), the impressive 17m high Lankatilaka temple, the Gal Viharaya, a rock temple containing four Buddha statues carved in granite, ruins of the Royal Palace featuring 31m high and 3m thick walls, the Thivanka image house that has a 26 feet Buddha statue, which were all built by king Parakramabahu the great between 1153–1186. Other popular destinations are the Thuparamaya,a building where the roof was made completely out of bricks, MedirigiriyaVatadage (a Buddhist structure), NissankaLathaMandapaya (an ancient building), RankothVehera (180 feet stupa/temple), Kiri Vihara (stupa/temple), SatmahalPrasadaya(pyramid-shaped, seven storied building), Hatadage (an ancient relic shrine), Lotus Pond, Somawathiya Chaitya(temple), Dimbulagala Monastery and 11 feet high granite Statue known to be King Parakramabahu 1ofPolonnaruwa. Wasgamuwa National Park and Angammedilla National Park, which belongs to Polonnaruwa District, are breathtaking destinations forthose who are interested in elephant and birds watching.

As the end of the day is approaching, it’s time to head to Sigiriya within 1hr and 20minswhere you’ll be checked-in to a hotel. Spend the quiet, peaceful night as your weariness will disappear.

Tour Day 12

Wakeup for a dazzling morning and enjoy a delightful breakfast as you’ll going to spend the morning in leisure at the hotel but then get ready, because you’re about to proceed to the 8th wonder of the world, Sigiriya in the afternoon. With all your strength begin your climb on the Sigiriya rock and enjoy a wonderful moment of stunning views.

Sigiriya Rock Fortresswas built by King Kashyapa in 05th century AD (477-495). This well planned royal city was surrounded by rampart and moats which are partially ruined. There are many attractive tanks with flowers such as lotus and water lilies. The total height of the rock is close 200 meters and takes about an hour to get into the top of the rock. On the way climbing the steps one could witness the most beautiful frescoes painted on the rock. The paintings were done with local pigments while it is still not faded even after nearly 1500 years. In the middle level entering through a Lion’s mouth and at the top of the rock which is nearly 2.5 acres, the ruins of the King’s palace, pond, seats of the Royal audience, the King’s throne could be seen.This historical place was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1982.

After enjoying this day of amuse, make your return to the hotel at Sigiriya where you’ll spend a time of leisure. Spend a night with ample memories left in your heart.

Tour Day 13

Wake up in the dazzling morning to start another impressive journey after having a yummy breakfast. Make your commencement to the Dambulla within 20minswhere you’ll visit the Dambulla Cave Temple, a stunning place of a vast historical importance.

Dambulla Rock Cave Temple, built by King Walagamba in 1st Century BC is one of the best preserved cave temple in South East Asia. It is the Sri Lanka’s biggest cave temple complex devoted for Buddhist religious activities. The architectural structure and the valuable statues are great contribution to the culture that has been lasted for long period of time. UNESCO has designated this historical place as a World Heritage Site in 1991.

Enjoy the pleasing sight as you’ll make your arrival to the hotel in Colombo as you precede to Colomboaround 4hrs and 30mins where you’ll have a delightful dinner and spend the evening and night in relaxation and relief.

Tour Day 14

Wake up and have your delightful breakfast as today you’ll be ambling throughout the city of Colombo in the Colombo City Tour. Gain a new experience as you go shopping with the amazing items exhibited to buy.

Colombo, the largest city and the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is located on the west coast of the island. Colombo was the capital of Sri Lanka until the 80s when the administrative capital moved to Kotte. Colombo port has been the main port since the colonial era and now it is one of the busiest ports of the world. Colombo city is divided 15 numbered areas for postal purposes. Bandaranayke international airport in Katunayake is the main international airport in the country and a passenger can reach Colombo from the airport in 20 minutes via expressway. Colombo city’s most recognizable land mark is the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Independence hall at independence square, the Galle face, a half km long coast, Vihara Maha Devi park, Beira Lake, National Museum of Colombo, National Zoological Gardens in Dehiwala, Gangarama Buddhist temple, Aththidiya wet land, Royal Colombo golf club, Old Parliament building, NelumPokuna(Lotus Pond) Theatre, BMICH, the Convention & Exhibition Centre are other major tourist attractions in Colombo and suburbs to view on in and around Colombo.

For the day is about to end, make your return to the hotel where you’ll settle the night in relaxing and enjoying.

Tour Day 15

Rise and shine for the last day of your appealing tour as you’ll revel in a delicious breakfast at the hotel and then land on to Bandaranayake International Airport within 45mins as it’s time to farewell to the loving isle, Sri Lanka, with an ample of memories left in your heart as a souvenir.