Sri Lanka’s soil is nothing but magical as its hidden gems reveal the secret of Sri Lanka’s ego.

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Gems, Sri Lanka

Affectionately known as “Ratna Deepa”, meaning Gem Island, Sri Lanka gains fame as the country of the highest density of gem deposits compared to its landmass. Along with the rubies, sapphires, topaz, garnets, amethysts, cat’s eyes, alexandrite, aquamarines, tourmalines, spinals and zircons, some of the rarest gem stones of precise beauty, have taken pride of place in the Crown jewels of Kings and Queens from the time of Great Roman Emperors.

While it is home to 40 varieties of gems out of 85 varieties found in the whole world, Ratnapura in Sri Lanka consists of the most gem deposits and has derived its name from the gem industry. Hadn’t Sri Lanka owned an earth fortunate enough to have valuable gems within it, this stunning island wouldn’t have her opportunity to offer the world with such treasured gems.