Tour Day 1

Be warmly welcomed by Leisure Island Holiday Tours as you arrive to Bandaranayke International Airport where you’ll be taken to Colombo within an around 45mins of travel time to be checked-in to a hotel in Colombo. Spend that quiet night full of excitement.

Tour Day 2

Wake up in the dazzling morning and have your delicious breakfast at the hotel. Get ready for the beginning of your journey as the first destination that you’ll visit will be Kithulgala, where you’ll reach there via winding roads around 2hrs and 45mins of travel time.

Kithulgala, 95 km away from Colombo, is a small village located at the west of Sri Lanka whereas it is one of the wettest places of the country. In the driest months; January to march, the stretch of Kalani River at Kithulgala gives an ideal destination for White Water Rafting while there are shallow safe places to swim and play too. In addition to rafting, tourists can relish the beautiful scenery of Kithulgala as the village is surrounded by wooded hills with lush vegetation, while Jungle trekking, Outdoor camping, Mountain biking and Bird watching are other popular activities. After adventures you can taste traditional Sri Lankan Rice and Curry at local restaurants with curd sweetened with Kithul palm treacle for dessert.

Begin your journey of thrill as you’ll raft, jump and abseil. When the end of the day arrives make your return to the hotel and spend the night in peace.

Tour Day 3

Rise and shine and have a delicious breakfast. Today you’ll be mountain biking through lavishing tea trails, stunning rubber estates, towns, sleepy hamlets and so on.

As your amazing time of adventure comes to an end, now it’s time to proceed to Nuwara Eliya around a travel time of 2hrs and 30mins where you’ll be checked-in to a hotel. Spend that peaceful night with relaxation and pleasure.

Tour Day 4

Wake up for an exciting day and have your tummy full with a delicious breakfast as today will be the day that you’ll be wandering around Nuwara Eliya in the Nuwara Eliya City Tour.

Nuwara Eliya is a dazzling city, with an altitude of 1868m, situated in the central province of Sri Lanka. Because of its cool, breezing climate, the city is renowned as “The little England”. The world’s finest tea is the main production of the city, along with the vegetables, fruits and flowers. The annual festival season that starts from 1st of April, coincides with the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in April. Motor racing, go cart racing and horse racing events are held in the festive season culminating with the Governor's Cup Golf Tournament and a flower show. Victoria Park, Hakgala botanical gardens, Golf course, Galway's Land Bird Sanctuary, Trout streams, Waterfalls, Panorama of tea planted valleys and mountains, Colonial British styled architecture with gardens and are other attractions in this picturesque city while boating or fishing on Lake Gregory is a breathtaking activity that you may love to engage in. Sri Lanka’s tallest mountain, the Piduruthalagala (Mt. Pedro) and island’s highest plateau, the Horton Plains can be reached from Nuwara Eliya.

After spending a time of witnessing this cool, breezing city, make your return to the hotel where you’ll spend a time of leisure. Spend that night with rest and zest.

Tour Day 5

Rise and shine for another fantastic day and strengthen up your body with a delicious breakfast. Today you’ll be travelling to Horton Plains around a travel time of 2hrs and trekking there to witness a wondrous scenery.

Situated about 32 km from Nuwara Eliya, Horton Plains is a treasure trove of fauna and flora and was declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 2010. It is one of the ideal destinations for bird watching while 12 endemic birds out of the 33 species are confined to Horton Plains whereas large herds of Sri Lankan Sambar Deer can be also spotted in this plain. While rolling hills, wild flowers and the scattered forest patches create an endless diversity in the landscape “Worlds End” and “Bakers Falls” form the most scenic and breathtaking locations in Horton Plains.

After visiting the world famous World’s End trekking through the Horton Plains, decent to the city of Belihul oya via another trekking path where your vehicle will be waiting for you. Around 45mins of travel time you’ll be checked in to a hotel in Belihul oya and spend the night relaxing.

Tour Day 6

Wake up for a day of amazement and fuel up your body with a yummy breakfast as today is the day that you’ll be proceeding to Udawalawe in an around 2hrs and 30mins. Check-in to the hotel and then enjoy an Elephant Safari in the evening as the roaming elephants will stick your eyes.

Udawalawe National Park, covering an area of 30,821, is the third most visited National park of Sri Lanka, whereas it is about 165 kilometers from Colombo. The park is formed with the Walawe River and its tributaries, marshes, forests and grasslands. 94 plants, 21 fish, 12 amphibians, 33 reptiles, 184 birds (33 of which are migratory) and 43 mammals have been recorded from the park including 135 species of butterflies. About 250 herds of elephants have been identified within the park and the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home is a popular area in the park, as it looks after abandoned elephant calves. Apart from elephants, other mammals that can be spotted are the Rusty-spotted cat, the Fishing cat, Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan sloth bear, Sri Lankan sambar deer, Sri Lankan axis deer, Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, wild boar, Golden jackal, Asian palm civet, toque macaque and tufted grey langur. Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Red-faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Brown-capped Babbler and Sri Lanka Junglefowl with many other migrant birds make this park a paradise for bird watchers.

After living a memorable moment with the gigantic elephants, make your return to the hotel where you’ll spend a wonderful, peaceful night.

Tour Day 7

Wake up in the lovely morning and have your delicious breakfast as you’ll be approaching to Yala within a time of 2hrs. Check-in to the hotel and then take your step in the Yala National Park as you’re about to enjoy a Wildlife Safari in the park.

The Yala National Park, the most visited national park in Sri Lanka, is situated in the southeast region of the island whereas it is about 300Km from Colombo covers around 979 km2. Sri Lankan leopards, make this remarkable paradise one of the highest leopard densities in the world, whilst the elephants, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Wild water buffalos, Rilawa Monkeys, Golden Palm Civet, Red Slender Loris, and Fishing Cat are some of mammals from 44 mammal species that have been recorded. There are 215 bird species in the park from which six endemic to Sri Lanka and they are the Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Sri Lanka Jungle fowl, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon, Crimson-fronted Barbet, Black-capped Bulbul and Brown-capped Babbler. 90 species of water birds also can be found and half of them are migrants. The number of reptiles that have been found here is 46 and 5 of them are endemic. 18 amphibians, 21 species of fresh water fishes, crocodiles, snakes, vipers, and turtles can be also found in the Yala National Park that makes this an interesting site for the wildlife lovers.

After spending your moment with the wildlife, make your return to the hotel and spend the night along with the memories that recall your curious journey.

Tour Day 8

As you have gone up with a long journey of excitement, now it’s time to spend the whole day in leisure at the hotel. As the end of the day comes, have your dinner and spend the night of rest and zest.

Tour Day 9

Rise and shine and have a yummy breakfast at the hotel as today you’ll be proceeding to Ahangama within 3hrs and 45mins where you’ll witness a traditional fishing method of Sri Lanka, Stilt Fishing.

Ahangama is famous for Stilt Fishermen who fish on stilts closer to the beach whereas the stilt fishing is an old tradition practiced by around 500 fishing families in Galle. The practice started during World War II when clever men began to try fishing on water for food shortages and overcrowded fishing spots prompted. They usually fish during sunset, noon and sunrise, as each one take their elevated position and balance about 2 meters above the water.

After witnessing this unique sight, check-in to the hotel in Ahangama where you’ll spend a night of pleasure and peace.

Tour Day 10

Wake up in the precious morning and grab your breakfast as you’ll be proceeding to Mirissa in an around 20mins of travel time to jump into a boat that sails around 6:30 in the morning where you’ll witness a breathtaking sight of the loving whales and dolphins in few hours’ time.

Mirissa is a small coastal town located in the southern Sri Lanka about 240km from Colombo. The Mirissa beach, yet another perfect example for the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, is the greatest attraction as it is not only an ideal destination for relaxation but also a paradise for surfing, snorkeling, boating as well as sailing. Ocean around Mirissa is considered as one of the best places for whale and dolphin watching around the island, whereas the whale watching season begins from October while it ends April. Blue whale, Bryde's whale, Sperm whale, Killer whale and Pilot whale are the mostly witnessed whale species in this area whereas Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Risso's dolphins and Striped dolphins are the dolphins commonly spotted in this remarkable site.

After living a moment with the gorgeous cetaceans, make your return to the hotel and spend that the evening and night relaxing and enjoying.

Tour Day 11

Rise and shine and have your breakfast of delight as you’ll be spending the whole day in leisure today at the hotel. Spend your day at the hotel surroundings and then live in the quiet, whispering night where your memories will recall your journey.

Tour Day 12

Wake up in the lovely morning and fuel up yourself with a tasty breakfast as today is the day that you’ll be proceeding to Galle around a travel time of 1hr to visit the Galle Fort and its vicinity, a special, historical destination.

Galle Fort is situated in the southern province of Sri Lanka, 119 Km from Colombo. A Portuguese ship accidently landed to Galle in 1505 by a storm, making the beginning of the modern history of Galle. Initially built by Portuguese and then rebuilt by the Dutch, Galle Fort holds fame as the biggest tourist attraction in the city whereas within the vicinity you can see the Dutch reformed church, the clock tower, the Old Dutch government house, the residence of the commander, Buddhist temple, the all saints Anglican Church, the Meera mosque, Great Warehouse and national maritime museum and buildings with colonial style architecture. Rumassala mountain, Natural harbor, The Galle International Cricket Stadium; which is considered to be one of the most picturesque cricket grounds in the world are other important destinations and Unawatuna town which is renowned for its beautiful beach and corals can be reached within minutes from Galle.

After a moment of pleasure and leisure in the city of Galle, land on to Bandaranaike International Airport within around 3hrs as it’s time to farewell to the loving isle, Sri Lanka, with an ample of memories left in your heart as a souvenir.