Hiking and Trekking

It’s not bewilderment to say that Sri Lanka is the most befitting country for hiking and trekking eagers, for Sri Lanka is a treasure of thrills, a paradise of wonders.

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Hiking, Sri Lanka

A plethora of opportunities are still awaiting for the keen hikers and trekkers, making Sri Lanka a splendid island of curiosity, in the same time mysterious. Take a trek with all your strength in the Knuckles Range, where you’ll witness a number of spices while catching the views of waving orchids and chirping birds and feel the euphoria of exploring spots not ever visited before. Pass the Yala National Park where the leopards tramp and elephants ramble as you make your exploration an unbelieved one in the Southeast as you pass the Kumana wetlands, the kingdom of birds.

Take your step at Belihuloya where you’ll hike and trek through the mighty jungle, across paddy fields and up mountains as you pass the Adam’s Peak for a magical sunrise along with Sinharaja, a must visit place where you’ll be able to complete your amusing journey. Gain a new experience in an adventurous moment of hiking and trekking in the island, Sri Lanka.