Despite of holding fame as the world’s most lustrous country, Sri Lanka’s secret of attraction lies within her people. Along with the big smiles in the cheerful and chipper faces and greeting hands full of affection they are the people who will serve you soheartily as they have been renowned for their lovinghospitality till years.

Leaving behind the race and religion, Buddhism and their thousand year old culture has taught them to breathe in peace and unity which had made them undivided by their hearts. The spices and tea, Sri Lankans’ favorite, has become the world’s finest as the name “Sri Lanka” appears in anyone’s mind in the thought of spices and tea. In spite of people and spices and tea, the gems are known to be immortal for its uniqueness and long, colorful history.

Named for the land of gems as “Ratnadeepa” Sri Lanka has produced scintillating gems such as Blue Sapphire and red rubies. Along with the gems, Sri Lanka has been gaining motherhood since the time of creation of fine arts and crafts taking prior in areas like mask painting, wood carving and Dumbara weaving .When talking about essence the mentioning Sri Lanka’s traditional dancing is a must. Sri Lanka’s essence gives you the rare opportunity not only to taste the tongue with flourishing flavors, but also to taste the mind with fulfillment and joy.

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