Since her existence was known to the world, Sri Lanka had continued her remarkable service to galvanize and heal many travelers who come to Sri Lanka knowing her immense value.

Had it not been the presence of Sri Lankan cuisines that tastes the travelers with their mysterious treat and the Ayurveda and meditation that heals the body and mind timeworn with the concern of life, Sri Lanka would not have been wrapping her charm around the curious visitors who have their loving memories left in their hearts.

Until the introduction of Western Medication in the 19th century, it was Ayurveda, Sri Lanka’s native healing system that was perfected for over more than 5000 years dealing with herbs and diet. One should be fortunate enough to select meditation for the perfection of mental health. Sri Lanka with her unique, traditional bliss will offer your mind and body a long lasting inspiration just to keep a memorized moment in your heart forever.

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