Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival

Regardless of the races and religions, Sri Lanka, besides being a country, is a paradise of unity that has resulted in festivals celebrated gathering the entire country, where the Sinhala and Tamil New Year stands in pride.

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New year sweets

With the hope of peace and prosperity, Sinhala and Tamil New Year is celebrated by all Sri Lankans, held on the 13th and 14th of April, in other words, “Bak”. The New Year begins as the sun moves from Meena Rashiya to Mesha Rashiya giving out the loud bursts of firecrackers along with the Raban Padha played by women dressed in new robes.

It’s a grandiose festival where friendships as well as traditions are highlighted. People dress in new clothes and as the milk is boiled forming a delicious milk rice with the unique sweetmeats that fill up the New Year table, the youth pumped in joy spend this remarkable day engaging in traditional games like, pillow fighting, climbing a grease poll, breaking a pot blindfolded while rituals like, offering betel to parents and elders, bathing on the last day of the old year and viewing the moon on the same night and so on, are done with no hesitate showing the dedication towards the New Year rituals.

It is not merely people who show up changes during this fascinating celebration, but the Mother Nature too who changes as the sweet singing “Koha” fills up the nature’s music whilst the “Erabadhu” flowers awake in full-bloom to create a nature of beauty. This festival is indeed a remarkable example for Sri Lanka’s unity as the whole country is sprinkled with happiness, joy and pleasure.