Hadn’t Sri Lanka owned to a long, memorable history, Sri Lanka wouldn’t be offered with the ruined ancient kingdom, Polonnaruwa, the second capital of Sri Lanka after the decline of Anuradhapura kingdom.

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Gal Vihara Rock Temple, Polonnaruwa

Leading with the first ruler King Vijayabahu 1, Polonnaruwa became home to an immense number of fascinating royal palaces, tremendous Buddhist temples, man-made reservoirs covering a vast area and the unblemished monumental sculptures in gargantuan statues covered from solid rock boulders that once lightened Anuradhapura in splendor. Being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Polonnaruwa is second only to the ancient city of Anuradhapura in the cultural triangle. The tourists will surely be enlightened with the wonderful destinations that holds Sri Lanka’s history’s pride while they will gain joy and pleasure living a moment with the nature at the national parks chock-full in biodiversity, especially elephants.

The Royal Palace, Siva Devala, Hatadage, Satmahal Prasada, Rankot Viharaya, Buddha Seema Prasada, Lankathilaka Viharaya, Kiri Vehera, Gal Viharaya and Demala Maha Seya, derives the glance of Polonnaruwa sites while Sri Lanka was honored with the name, “Granary of the Orient” during the Polonnaruwa period. Nevertheless, Polonnaruwa is a magnificently preserved city with rich archaeological monuments and natural beauty along with the proud history that created all these spectacular creations.