Hadn’t Sri Lanka owned to a great, wide history, she wouldn’t have been offered with unique, traditional festivals, where Poson festival stands among them.

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Mihinthale Temple, Anuradhapura

The Poson festival is significant to the Buddhists, but unique to Sri Lanka being held in the month of June on the full moon poya day. It was a hunting expedition of King Devanampiyatissa on 247 BC where at the tremendous Mihintale rock he witnessed a scene of amber robes for whom he was Mahinda Thera, the son of Emperor Asoka and the first Buddhist evangelist who prompted a dramatic conversation which meant to know that the king was intelligent enough to understand the first and foremost preachings of Peace and Compassion of Mahinda Thera.

This wonderful incident of inauguration of Buddhism to Sri Lanka is celebrated annually where devotees sterilized in pearly white ascend to the summit of the sacred rock, Mihintale, offering lotus and aromatic frangipani to the dagoba built by King Devanampiyatissa and walk to a divine rock cave with a bed stone, known to be where Mahinda Thera meditated. The Poson festival proves that Sri Lanka is not merely a country full of stunning views, but also a devotional country where religious festivals take place.