Tour Day 1

Upon arrival to Bandaranaike International Airport you will be welcomed by your own representative from Leisure Island Holiday Tours and transferred to Sigiriyain an around 4hrs and 30mins of travel time. On arrivalcheck-in to the hotel, spend the evening and night by relaxing and enjoying the hotel vicinity.

Tour Day 2

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at hotel arrive to Sigiriya Rock Fortress entrance with in few minutes drive and climb the rock while enjoying marvelous ancient Engineering skills.

Sigiriya Rock Fortresswas built by King Kashyapa in 05th century AD (477-495). This well planned royal city was surrounded by rampart and moats which are partly ruined. There are many attractive tanks with flowers such as lotus and water lilies. The total height of the rock is close 200 meters and takes about an hour to get into the top of the rock. On the way climbing the steps there could be seen the most beautiful fresco’s painted on the rock. The paintings were done with local pigments and still not faded even after nearly 1500 years. In the middle level entering through a Lion’s mouth and at the top of the rock which is nearly 2.5 acres the ruins of the King’s palace, pond, seats of the Royal audience, the King’s throne could be seen.This historical place was designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1982.

After having lunch travel to Minneriya National Park entrance and reach there around 45minutes time.Enter the park during evening hours to witness the largest elephant gathering in Asia.

Situated in North Central Provence, 8890 hectares of Minneriya National Park, was designated as a national park in 1997. Dominant landmark of the national park is vast Minneriya tank, built by King Mahasen in third century AD. The perfect time to visit the park is May to October, about 300 wild elephants gather around the Minneriya tank for water. This phenomenon is the biggest Asian elephant gathering in the world. Park is a combination of evergreen forests, wetlands, scrublands, grasslands, rocky outcrops and abandoned chena land. Habitat of the 24 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, 9 species of amphibians, 25 species of reptiles, 26 species of fish, and 75 species of butterflies, including two endemic monkeys, Sri Lankan Leopard, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, endemic birds such as Sri Lanka Jungle fowl, Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot, Brown-capped Babbler, Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Black-crested Bulbul and Crimson-fronted Barbet. Minneriya tank gives habitat to large water birds like Lesser Adjutant, Painted Stork, and Spot-billed Pelican and reptiles like Painted-lip Lizard, Saltwater Crocodile, Indian python, Water monitor, and Bengal monitor.

Heading back to hotel in Sigiriya after enjoying and living with wild life at Minneriya National Park. Enjoy the dinner at hotel while spending the night at its vicinity.

Tour Day 3

Wakeup for the last day of the tour and enjoy another delicious breakfast at hotel.Upon having breakfast travel to Sri Lanka’s largest and most preserved cave temple at Dambulla in an around 20minutes time.

Dambulla Rock Cave Temple which was built by King Walagamba in 1st Century BC is one of the best preserved cave temple in South East Asia. It is the Sri Lanka’s biggest cave temple complex devoted for Buddhist religious activities. The architectural structure and the valuable statues are great contribution to the culture that has been lasted for long period of time. UNESCO has designated this historical place as a world heritage site in 1991.

Upon descend the Dambulla Rock cave temple travel back to Bandaranaike International Airport to depart with lots of beautiful memories. Average travel time 4hrs and 30mins.