Sri Lanka isn’t a mere isle where you can enjoy witnessing the sites, but also a paradise where your life will be added with bliss, especially through shopping.

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Gems, Sri Lanka

It isn’t alone international designer labels that you’ll be anticipating to add to your shopping list, but a bunch of items full of creativity, zeal as well as whimsical that will stuff up your so-called shopping list to a gift list as you farewell to this peninsula.

The unique fabrics, brass work, wood carvings, home wares and clothing, still awaiting to clutch to your hands, are seen nowhere else whereas they are created only by our Sri Lankans’ hands of pledge and visionary. The highlights of Sri Lankan arts and crafts: batik works, fascinating jewellery, lace creations finished in both modern and traditional designs, are yet fantastic leaving you a handful of souvenirs that will memorize your journey at Sri Lanka. It’s not a miracle to say that Sri Lanka is surely a paradise with all moments to experience.