Rising among the central plains, there stands Sigiriya, in 200m of height, the Lion Rock, the emblematic rocky outcrop, an astounding performance of engineering and construction.

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It was King Kassapa, a beauty eye, who constructed this best preserved city that shows the complex urban skills and irrigation skills on a palace perched on a summit. Sigiriya refuses to reveal its mysterious secrets so easily, yet its beauty highlights in the series of symmetrical ponds, channels and fountains that still spats water since years. Partway up the rock there stays the famous frescoes of celestial nymphs still smiling giving a lively view and as you climb more, there stands the protector of this tremendous rock, a pair of giant lion’s paws, part of the original entrance, where visitors pass through in.

As visitors recorded their impressions in the world-known graffiti, it is renowned that this UNESCO World Heritage Site was one of the oldest tourist attractions in the world. As you stand on high rock, it will be a great view as the rock summit yields a melodramatic vista of the mighty jungle surrounded as a guardian and the foundation of the palace complex awash with bathing pools. As the inscriptions found in caves honeycomb the base of the rock fortress, they reveal that Sigiriya was a place served as a religious retreat as far back as the 3rd century B.C. when Buddhist monks entrenched asylum in the domain. Perhaps, Sigiriya is a heaven of eye-catching sights that highlights Sri Lanka’s pride of creativity and mysterious engineering.