Sri Pada Pilgrimage

As a country blessed with many religions, it is not a miracle that Sri Lanka is a paradise of pilgrimage. Among them, Sri Pada Pilgrimage takes place as a seasonal event held between the months of December to May annually, where pilgrims of thousands ascend to 7000 feet summit in anticipation of blessings where a great footprint is embedded upon the mountain.

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Sripada Temple

Situated at the city of gems, Ratnapura, the Adam’s Peak offers a pilgrimage that converges for religious faiths where according to Buddhists the sacred footprint is that of Lord Buddha, where among to the Hindus, it is God Shiva’s, whereas to the Christians it is St. Thomas’ and to the Muslims it is that of Adam’s. This pilgrimage isn’t merely an ordinary one, but a pilgrimage comprised of traditions.

It has been a habit for the pilgrims to throw a threaded needle into the bushes, with the remembrance of the legend that Lord Buddha paused to mend a tear in his robe during his climb while at Seetha Gangula, a cool, frosty stream where pilgrims clean themselves in the hope of refreshment to precede the rest of the journey. It is a very thrilling moment when one begins to climb in the midnight and proceed to the summit at the dawn to witness the stunning sun rise view. Irrespective of religions, Sri Pada Pilgrimage has been an event of experience, pleasure and of course, devotion.