Along with the fragrant frangipani burning as the oil lamps of baked-earth ignite for the peace of mind, the Buddhists clad in white symbolize purity, along with the flowers blooming in bless, offer a fine scene to that unique festival, Vesak.

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Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo

Commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha, this “thrice blessed day” falls during the full moon of every month of May. It has been still a tradition to create wonderful Vesak lanterns as the family gets together to decorate this graceful creation that spotlights every city as a trail of lights heading to heaven.

Along with these Vesak lanterns it is a tradition for the Buddhists to create huge-bamboo framed paintings, pandals, glorified with thousands of lights as well as dramas that depicts the life times of Lord Buddha. Dhansalas show up the remarkable quality of alms giving in which such a moment is organized with a gathering of community regardless of their religions where foreign visitors also drag into taste their tongue in these places. Vesak is a devotional festival that highlights the supremacy of qualities of Sri Lankans irrespective of their religions.