Whale and dolphin watching

Surrounded by the mighty Indian Ocean, it is not a miracle to say that Sri Lanka’s seas are full of whales and dolphins which has made it a major spot to view dolphins and whales.

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Whale watching, Kalpitiya

Out of the 80 species of cetaceans identified worldwide, 20 are found in the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal which has made Sri Lanka to situate within the International Whale Commission’s protected zone in the Indian Ocean. Dondra point, being the main port of whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka, during December to April, is a favorable spot to witness Sperm whales, Blue Whales as well as Spinner Dolphins.

Not only Dondra Point, but also around Kalpitiya, Sperm Whales, Blue Whales, Pigmy Sperm Whales and Pilot Whales gather in large troops with a great concentration gathering around Dutch Reef whereas Blue Whales, Bride’s Whales, Sperm Whales, Fin Whales, Bottle-nose Dolphins, Common Dolphins and Spinner Dolphins charm the waters of the Southern seas of Sri Lanka from Weligama to Mirissa. Whales and dolphins parade their presence in January, the whale watching season in Kalpitiya and Mirissa. The thrill you’ll gain in the moment of whale and dolphin watching is truly humbling thus;don’t hesitate in the wonderful sea adventures in the Sri Lankan seas.