White Water Rafting

As a paradise of curiosity, Sri Lanka offers the visitors with a number of recreational activities where white water rafting stands in pride among them.

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White Water Rafting, Kithulgala

To the water sport enthusiasts it is absolutely an enthralling experience to enjoy in the white-veiled waters. Some of the rivers of Sri Lanka afford the opportunity to enjoy white water rafting where among them Kithulgala, stands as the most famous white water rafting sites. It will be an impressive experience when hitting the Killer Fall, where a sudden 90 degree drop and plenty of churning water really gets the inspiring through in.

As the rapids ebb away to the fine, calm waters, the rafters are encouraged to jump in and body raft as they pass the sceneries of bamboo, fruit trees and palms. It’s true that you’ll gain this refreshingly experience from Sri Lanka for its unique adventure of white water rafting is lively moment of thrill.