Wild Life

Sri Lanka, is world renowned as one of the best wildlife hotspots in the world.

May the island be small, but the sites of wildlife do justice to the country many times than its size. As they spread over a wide area, it will be easy for you to feel the taste of Sri Lankan wildlife along with the enormous safari parks and sanctuaries full of curiosity.

Flabbergast will arise in you as you see the great herds of elephants and evasive leopards that rule the mighty forests. The great protector of Sri Lanka, the ocean, is home to a number of families of cetaceans including the world’s largest mammal, the blue whale, sperm whales and the cheerful dolphins. In spite of the robust elephants and menacing leopards, the birds fill up the Sri Lanka’s wildlife grandeur along with the little amphibians. Anyone interested in wildlife will stick their own eyes to Sri Lanka’s wildlife destinations with no doubt.

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