Wilpattu National Park

Despite of the sea shores and the spectacular scenic beauty, wild life takes its place as a stunning sight to view on.

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Bear, Wilpattuwa

Wilpattu, meaning “natural lakes” in Sinhala and “10 lakes” in Tamil, take such a place as it is a paradise known for the wild life explorers. Being Sri Lanka’s largest national park consisting of an area of 130,000 hectare, it possesses a unique feature of large sand rimmed natural lakes known to be “Villus”.

Bounded to the North and South by 2 main rivers, Modara Gamaru towards the North and Kala Oya to the South, Wilpattu is located 26km North of Puttalam spanning from the Northwest coast inland towards the ancient capital of Anuradhapura. While it is among the top national parks, world renowned for its leopard population, Wilpattu boasts an impressive variety of flora in huge expanses of forests, along with the varied wildlife, including deer, elephants, wild boar and sloth bears. Not merely being famous for its wildlife, Wilpattu is abundant with archaeological and historical importance.

It is said that Prince Vijaya from India, landed in a place called “Thambapanni” in the Northwest corner of Wilpattu. Interspersed with a number of flood plain lakes banked with delicate white sand, Wilpattu is a fairly thick dry zone jungle, where anyone’s weariness will vanish like dust as it’s a delightful place with a number of wonders to witness.