Yala National Park

Yala is all about convergence of magnificence and endurance, painting a picture of eternal beauty and mystery.

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Panthera pardus kotiya, Yala

It is nothing else but, Mother Nature which made Sri Lanka a peaceful island full of mysterious wild life. Yala takes place as one of those mystifying wild life destinations.

Being the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka, Yala hosts a variety of eco systems ranging from moist monsoon forests to fresh water and marine wetlands whereas it is situated in the Southeast region of the country. While the dawn and dusk bring about the best timing for safari tours, the hot and dry climate along with the highest leopard densities in the world makes Yala a curious site to view on. None other than the majestic Sri Lankan elephant and the leopard take pride of the place along with the spotted deer, Sambhar, Wild Buffalo, Sloth bear, Jackal, Mongoose, Pangolins, Crocodiles and also the bird life comprising over 120 species ranging from Lesser Flamingos to Paradise Flycatchers, Crested Hawk Eagles and Black Bitterns that enliven the mighty jungle.

Despite of the tremendous biodiversity, there lies the ancient hermitage of Sithulpawwa, Debarawewa wetland and Palatupana saltpans where also the coastline forms a major nesting ground for marine turtles. Consisting of five blocks, Yala spreads over an area of 1260 square kilometers, where only one fifth of the area is open to the visitors. With monkeys crashing through the trees, peacocks in their finest frocks, elephants ambling about and cunning leopards sliding like shadows through the undergrowth Yala is the “Jungle Book” brought to glorious life.